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Our Story

A Canopy is a community of branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and of a wide range of animal life that coexist on the treetops of a forest. It spreads from coastal plains to high mountains; from marshes to farm paddocks. It is shelter, air and food. It grows with rain and sunlight. It changes and evolves with the seasons. Canopy Ice Cream is an exploration of these different moments, layers of colours and flavours, along the seasons in Tasmania.


Ricardo Brozek is the Founder and ice cream maker for Canopy Ice Cream based in Hobart, Tasmania. He developed a strong interest in natural history from an early age and got his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences researching on seed dispersal ecology by the endangered woolly spider monkeys in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Spending time living and traveling in Europe and the Middle East, Ricardo worked with farming, beekeeping and commercial pollination before moving to Australia.


Combining his scientific knowledge and meticulous approach, Ricardo began experimenting with the world of cooking and pastry, with a specialised focus on ice cream-making.


The philosophy behind the creation of Canopy Ice Cream is inspired by the abundance of wonderful ingredients that Nature provides, never more prevalent than within the canopy of a tree.


We are extremely proud of the local ingredients and of the sustainable practices that go into every scoop. We hope you enjoy our ice cream as much as we enjoy bringing it to life!

Reach for the Canopy


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